Garcross is one of the UK's leaders in high-quality laser cutting, bending, forming and fabrication solutions.
We have a proven ability to support the needs of our customers and have invested heavily in innovative processes for converting a wide range of metals and other materials cost effectively.
At Garcross the customer is central to our company's thinking and actions and we adopt a partnership approach to design and manufacturing which guarantees you a precision finish and excellent service response.

Painting & Powder Coating

We offer a wide range of specialist powder painted and metal finishing for all our products. A wide range of metals including aluminium, stainless and mild steel can be pre-treated and coated including complex fabrications.

Metal Bending & Folding

Garcross operates the latest CNC pressbrakes which allows it to produce highly complex and multi-folded and prefabricated parts.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is the most accurate method of cutting and can be used on a whole range of materials. Our advanced equipment and high performance, computer controlled production are perfect for any laser application from cutting to engraving and marking.

Metal Fabrication

We apply a broad range of high-tech and conventional fabrication skills to the cost-effective manufacture of many products. Complex structures are assembled and produced in our fabrication department and we are able to supply complete bolted or welded assemblies.